For 87 years, the Masters has been one of the most entertaining athletic events


The Master were held at the Augusta National Golf Club.

EP Cassidy, Reporter

The Masters, a traditional male only golf tournament since 1934, is considered one of the most momentous athletic events of the year. The game of golf originated in Scotland during the 15th century, but became popular during the 1920s.  The Masters is amongst the four main championships in professional golf. Every year it is held in Augusta, Georgia at the Augusta National Golf Club. The tournament consists of four 18 hole rounds to dictate the outcome of the tournament. The winner of the tournament is honored with a green masters jacket, awarded to him by the previous victor. Although this competition is a male only tournament, winning The Masters is a great honor only few possess. 


Hideki Matsuyama, the winner of this year’s tournament, is the first Japanese male to win the Masters. He won the tournament by ending with 10 under par, accumulated by all four rounds. Par at the Augusta National Golf Club is 72, meaning the sum of his four rounds was 278 rather than 288. He also ended his first round with a personal best score of 65. This outstanding 25 year old is seated 14th in the world after a victorious experience at The Masters. 


Golf is considered one of the most time consuming, arduous, and mentally engaging sports.  In 1934, when The Masters tournament was founded by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts, it instantly became one of the four golf majors in the world. Golf has evolved in various different ways throughout the years. The clubs, rules, and attire has changed dramatically since 1934. For instance, golf clubs are lighter than they used to be. Golf clubs are no longer made out of wood and have shorter staffs and club heads because of it. Currently they are made of steel or titanium, which causes the ball to carry a further distance and allows for more control over the club. As for the rules, when dropping a ball after losing one in a hazard now must be dropped at the knee rather than waist. Although golf shorts for males are still restricted, tank tops and shorter than knee length skirts are allowed for women. Both players, regardless of gender, commonly wear clothes provided by their sponsoring company. For example Lexi Thompson, an American golfer who is currently ranked 14th in the world, is sponsored by Puma and Red Bull. When Lexi plays, she typically wears clothing from Puma and some sort of visor with the Red Bull logo. 


This 87 year old tournament holds momentous value to the fans and players because of its uplifting environment and competitive culture. Throughout the evolution of the game, the Masters has adapted along with it.