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How to Start a Club

Caleb Preston
Flier of Spectrum of Light (SOL)

When you are doing something that you enjoy doing or want to do something, have you ever thought you wanted to start a club? As the founder and president of Spectrum of light or SOL for short, whether you are making a club for a good cause, planning events or simply just for fun it’s always important to take these steps to make your club successful.

Step 1: Know what the club is going to be about

When making a club, you want to know what this club is gonna be about, your club could be a video game club, Pokemon trading card game club or a club to help a community like Spectrum of light for example. Your club can be about anything but the most important detail about that when you’re making a club is wanting to make a club where you feel most passionate about because that way it would motivate you to start the club and continue to grow it.

Step 2: find a sponsor

A sponsor is simply a teacher that is willing to take time and make sure the club is going all right. For example Ms. Cahill is the sponsor of Spectrum of Light and she helps make sure that everything is alright and so forth. When you’re looking for a sponsor, you want to find someone that has time and is willing to be in the club because if there is no sponsor, there is no club. You also want to find a sponsor who is also interested in your club idea and if that person is willing to be your sponsor then boom!! You got a club and you can start your club that is best for your sponsor.

Step 3: advertise your club

Asking people if they’re interested in joining the club can be helpful but what can be more effective and more helpful is putting fliers in your school. Putting Fliers around your school can let people know about your club and what your club is about can really interest students if they’re interested in your club. When making a flier, you want your flier to talk about your club like what the club is about, what time the club meets, what room it’s in etc. This will help students know what time and what room they will be in for your club.

Step 4:Keep your club environmentally friendly

It’s always important to keep your club as environmentally friendly as possible because you don’t want to have a club where it’s not as friendly and gets a rep if that happens. To avoid that, try to lay out some rules so everyone can be that way so no one will get upset or want to leave your club. 

Step 5:Have Fun

It’s important to always have fun when making a club and clubs can help bring people together and that’s how you can get brand new friends because you all have the same interests and willing to have fun with one another.

I hope these 5 steps will motivate you and inspire you to start a club and remember, have fun.

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Caleb Preston, Reporter
Caleb Preston is a Autistic junior and a reporter for the Devils Advocate at Henry Clay. He wants to make a change by spreading the awareness for disibilities to people who are non disabled so that Henry Clay can be a better place. In his spare time he plays Video Games, Chess and Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game).

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