HC Boys Volleyball Team starts its third season

Reece Ingram, Editor-in-Chief

Boys Volleyball is returning for its third year at HC. With the pandemic in play, the season will be under some restrictions. However, coaches and players are preparing for it to be successful. With practices already starting, the team is adamant about having their first game. 

“I have been waiting to get back on the court ever since [the last practice],” HC senior Hayden Caldwell said. “It feels like it has been forever.”

Regarding COVID-19, the Boys Volleyball season will have procedures and protocols. The team must wear their masks full time, on and off the court, constant sanitization of the balls being used, and social distancing. 

The new head coach, Luke Grupe, son of the girl’s volleyball team’s coach Dale Grupe, is an HC alumni and a former college volleyball player. 

“We are trying to play as much as possible,” HC Alumni and head Coach Luke Grupe said. “We are trying to grow the love for the game. There have been a lot of guys reaching out and wanting to play.”

The Boys Volleyball program is still striving for their goal to be sanctioned as a KHSAA sport. 50 teams are needed for that to occur. 

“Our goal with the program is to grow the sport,” Grupe said. “Our biggest one is to have 50 high schools to make programs so it can be a KHSAA sanctioned sport.” 

Although COVID-19 will affect the team’s procedures on the court, they are keeping a positive attitude. 

“There is nothing quite the same as being able to play for your school team,” Caldwell said. “I am looking forward to the atmosphere of being able to play for Henry Clay again.”