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Dune: Part Two is the cinema messiah of our generation


There are many things that must be said regarding the Dune films. For starters, the Dune movies are extremely contemplative. In a time where most sci-fi films are made to be action-packed and fast paced flicks, it was jarring to see that Dune: Part One spent most of its runtime explaining intergalactic politics, ecosystems, and religions while merely setting up the actual narrative. When we heard that this was the next Star Wars, the next Lord of the Rings, our expectations consisted of a thrilling adventure set in a sand-filled domain; however, Dune: Part Two continues to prove that sci-fi blockbusters are capable of reaching a high level of artistic expression.

What makes science fiction such a fascinating genre is its disregard for bizarreness. The appeal of an idea as strange as dragonfly helicopters or taming sandworms can only be captured through the visual and audio capabilities wielded by film; however, Dune doesn’t simply put these concepts on screen. The visuals are absorbing, the sounds reveal cultures, and the performances bring each character to life. Beyond being another sci-fi flick, Dune, Part One and Two, showcase a visceral filmmaking passion that seems to be lacking in recent adaptive screenplays. 

Serving as the culmination to the novel’s adaptation, Dune: Part Two further leans into the fascinating world and lore created by Frank Herbert. After the eradication of House Atreides, Paul must rise as the leader of a revolution in order to restore peace to their planet, Arrakis. This narrative allows the characters to undergo serious evolutions that exhibit the dangers that come with a role of high leadership and power. 

One of the issues viewers might have with Part Two might pertain to those who found Part One to be an ambivalent viewing experience. While Part Two does lean more towards action, the film still spends time providing exposition and setting up a potential future for the franchise. Viewers who prefer fast-paced action films, might struggle to remain engaged throughout the entirety of the movie. Although Dune has its slow moments, it ultimately serves in making this complex world easy for audiences to immerse themselves in. 

Upon leaving the theater, audiences will agree that Dune: Part Two is undoubtedly the greatest movie of the year, so far. The original novel is considered as a fundamental work of sci-fi literature. Dune: Part Two artistically encapsulates the wondrous atmosphere of its source material, demonstrating its potential to be a standout franchise in cinema history. 

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Jeremy Castillo Hernandez is a senior from the class of 2024. This is his fourth year as a journalism student and his third year as editor. He enjoys watching movies, leading worship, and spending time with friends and family.

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