Snow Days Could Be a Thing of the Past


Jeremy Castillo Hernandez, Reporter

It was 6:30 and it seemed like a normal afternoon. Mom was in the kitchen, Dad on the couch watching the news, and my little sister was begging my mother to let her play outside in the snow. All of the sudden I hear a news story reporting that some school leaders were considering turning future snow days into virtual learning days. Imagine that. Having to wake up on a cold snow day just to do school through a computer screen. The future generations would never know the joy of not having school on a cold snowy day. Snow days should not turn into virtual school days because it gives a chance to catch up on responsibilities, make meaningful memories, and can prevent students from frustration. 

Snow days bring joy to many teachers and students that haven’t had the opportunity to catch up on some tasks (school or personal). If we were to get rid of snow days we would be taking valuable time that could be used for homework, grading, house issues, and other responsibilities. Snow days serve as a chance for students and teachers to catch up on  those responsibilities. 

Not only do snow days bring a chance to catch up on responsibilities but it gives a chance for kids to be kids and play in the snow that would only be there temporarily. This serves as a good chance for children to spend time with their friends and families whether that would be inside or outside. Snow days serve as a chance to make many meaningful memories. 

Many people find virtual learning difficult due to the many problems that it presents. From technology issues to distractions. Some families can’t afford the best internet connection. And teachers with children could be presented to some interruptions. Thus making the hours for supposedly virtual learning hours full of technology issues and distractions. Virtual learning on a snow day presents many distractions and issues.

Some might agree that virtual learning on snow days could help some students that are struggling, however students are most likely to be struggling more with distractions that are commonly presented virtually than than with their schoolwork. 

Virtual learning has many defects on its own but it can present many more on a snow day. It’s better to have no school at all on snow days because It would give students and teachers time to catch up on their responsibilities, it would give families a chance to make memories, and it would prevent going through the frustration of technology problems and distractions. So let me ask you this: what would you want to wake up to on a cold snowy day?