Ways to enjoy the winter holidays and break safely


Benjamin Webster, Editor

With Kentucky being a red state for Coronavirus, plenty of typical activities for the winter holiday season have been changed. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to do. There are ways to stay safe while still enjoying the winter break.


Holiday fun at home

There are plenty of holiday movies to watch at home. No matter what streaming service you have, there should be a wide selection of films. If you wanted to watch with friends you could watch in a backyard with a projector or an outdoor television. Everyone could bring their own chairs and snacks and you can enjoy it together while staying socially distanced.

Decorate your home

No matter what holiday you choose to celebrate, you can always decorate your house so that is festive for the winter months. Shopping for decorations you love is always an option but creating your own is more fun and rewarding. There are several tutorials on the internet on how to create various decorations and the materials you need should be fairly easy to find. It could be something fun you do with your friends or family while staying socially distanced. 


Go skating

While Triangle Park’s rink is closed, the Lexington Ice Center has times where you can come and skate. General Admission is $10 with certain dates called Cheap Nights costing $9. Skate rentals are $3.25.


Drive Southern Lights


The Southern Lights are an annual light display at the Kentucky Horse Park. While the Southern Lights Stroll is closed, the driving portion of it is still on. On top of that, there will still be food trucks and a merchandise tent. Per car, the price is $25. Alternatively, it is possible to view lights in neighborhoods for free. Groups can follow each other in cars as they drive around the numerous neighborhoods, looking at amateur light displays. 

Gift Exchange

With the people in your neighborhood, religious organization or friend group, do a gift exchange. Have everyone draw names out of a hat and then the person that they get will receive a gift from them. It is a good way to celebrate without having to gather directly. Once everyone has received their gift, you could even Zoom so that you can unwrap and thank them personally. 

Zoom with family members and friends


Students having been using Zoom all year for school. It should be easy to do so with their extended family and friends so they can be there for meals, games or just conversation. To start your own zoom meeting, you’ll need to download the app and then set it up. Once set up, just send a code or link to these people and everything should run smoothly.


While Coronavirus has been a struggle, it isn’t impossible to overcome. These activities are both fun and safe. The holidays won’t be the same this year, but it can still be made enjoyable.