Charities to volunteer at this holiday season


Benjamin Webster, Editor

These holidays will be different from years past. The COVID-19 Pandemic has greatly affected the community and those who are in need. While the holidays mark a time for charitable giving, the need is greater this year. There are many places that need donations, but volunteers are also understandably in short supply. 


Catholic Action Center


There is a need for volunteers to help come in and cook meals for the homeless. On their website, there are links that lead to a signup. From there you can decide if you want to do lunch or dinner. The best part is that all the cooking is done at home then delivered to the Catholic Action Center. They also need sandwiches delivered as an evening snack. There are sign ups for that as well.


The Nest

The Nest does a lot to serve the less fortunate in Lexington. They provide a variety of services for women, children and families. Because of this, they want physical donations as well as volunteering. Whether it be manual labor or organization, whatever help they can get would be supportive. For physical donations they need cleaning supplies, new children’s clothes, toys, books and toiletries. 


God’s Pantry

God’s Pantry helps lower hunger insecurity in and around Fayette County. They need food donations as well as volunteers to help with their warehouse. Sign-ups are on their website. They also need help with setting up some boxes for families in emergencies. 


Salvation Army

The Salvation Army requires aid for their holiday services. They need kettlebell ringers and people to transport them back and forth. Kettlebells are banks where people can donate money. Ringers ring a bell and encourage people to donate any money they can. There is also a need to help their angel trees. These trees allow people to buy presents for children who wouldn’t receive it normally. The catch is the age requirement is 18 and up. However, guardians can come along and make it so these opportunities are available to the younger group.

While the holidays are a time for cheer and celebration, COVID-19 and other factors make it hard for others to enjoy it. This is a time where volunteers and donations are appreciated. Volunteerism gives those who are less fortunate, a chance to enjoy the holidays.