HC prepares for finals in virtual world


Chuck Logsdon, Editor-in-Chief

Since we will unfortunately be online for the rest of this semester, finals are going to look a little different this year. Starting Wednesday, Dec 16th, students will attend two online finals a day, each being an hour in length with an hour of study time in between them.

One key difference from finals in the past is that this year final exams will only make up 10% of your grade where in previous years they would make up 20%. This will minimize the overall impact of the exams which hopefully can save students some stress this year. 


Another major difference is that these exams, obviously, will be online. They will also be just an hour in length compared to the usual two hour final exams we have had in the past. This shouldn’t make too much of a difference, students should still expect finals to be a comprehensive test on everything they have learned in the past year, but they will definitely look a little different than usual. 


Dec. 16th is only a little more than two weeks away so it’s important to go ahead and start studying for them so you won’t have to cram the weekend before.  One advantage you have in this online semester is that you can recap the semester through online classrooms. Many teachers have content from the whole semester on their canvas classrooms, this is a very helpful studying tool. It is also smart to schedule your studying so you don’t procrastinate and push it off to the last minute. You can also prioritize classes to study more for if you are strong in one subject but struggling more in the other. 


It’s important to manage stress during this year as well. Keep in mind that these finals are only worth 10% of your grade rather than 20%, so while it is important to try your best and do well on them, they won’t impact your grade as much as usual. Be sure to take advantage of office hours as well if you are particularly lost on any specific thing.


Good luck Blue Devils; let’s finish this semester strong.