Stores offer alternatives for Black Friday

Alayna Fryman, Editor

As Black Friday quickly approaches, many are wondering if it will be safe with all of the new Covid-19 restrictions put in place. Covid-19 has put a strain on the economy earlier this year when the stores shut down. It doesn’t look like there will be a shut down before Black Friday, despite conflicting advice. 

One alternative method to Black Friday is to do all of your holiday gift shopping online. Several places have been offering their Black Friday deals online such as Wal-Mart, Target, and several others. This not only keeps you safe but can support local mail carriers depending on how that store delivers.

Another method is to shop early. Most stores have been starting their Black Friday sales earlier to try and even out the amount of shoppers in store on Friday. Wal-Mart started their Black Friday sale about two weeks ago and have had separate sales. While this won’t keep people away on Friday, some may want to get out and shop before the crowd does come. 

Finally, there’s always the option to wait. Stores will occasionally extend their Black Friday sales and end up putting out even better sales towards the end of the month. If you think you need the item right now, however, then go. Yet, if you think you could wait, you never know what kinds of better deals will come up. 

Overall, it’s up to the shopper if they want to go out to shop on Friday. If you do choose to attend in-person sales, please stay safe, wear a mask, and be respectful of the employees who do have to work on Friday.