HC gets a new front entrance


Benjamin Webster, Editor

Students left HC’s campus March 13th, 2020 due to the Coronavirus. In their absence, HC has planned and constructed a new front entrance for students when they are allowed to come back. The school has done this for several reasons. It should help foot traffic in and out of the school and serve as a spot for metal detectors to eventually be placed. However, the front entrance has an additional purpose.

“The attendance office will be at the new entrance,” Attendance Worker Scarlett Bailey said, “This location will be where students check in late, as well as check out early. In addition, this will be the point of entry for any parent or visitor coming into the building.”

There will be a double entrance where the attendance office will be located between two sets of the doors, one leading outside and one leading inside into the main building.

“When you come through that first door, you will see the attendance office,” HC teacher Denise Minor said, “then they (attendance workers) have the power to buzz you into the next space.”

Metal detectors are something HC doesn’t have compared to other public schools and this issue is something that is planned with these new entrances.

“In the next space, that’s where you’ll go through the metal detectors,” Minor said, “and now you are in the main part of the building.”

With a new attendance room, many may wonder what will become of the old attendance office, a windowless room in the main hallway.

“At this point, the old attendance off will be a COVID-19 holding room for any student who is ill,” Bailey said.

However, this is subject to chance as Coronavirus still lurks and could put a damper on this new office. With conflicting viewpoints on how and when students go to school, the new entrance may not get it’s full use for a while. However, despite all the questions Coronavirus brings the constructed entrance has one change that is confirmed.

“The only change we foresee is that the location where students will check in and out is not at the old office,” Bailey said.

Many questions come from dealing with a global pandemic, but a certainty is students can expect to see a completed front entrance used for metal detectors and attendance.