HC set to undergo entryway remodel


by Eli Dyer

In recent months, Fayette County has implemented many new safety procedures, but the newest venture is rather different. Rather than something that could be easily removed if it needed to be (i.e. metal detectors and ID badges), this change is much larger and more permanent. HC will be undergoing major construction in order to make the building safer.

“Fayette County has allocated some money,” HC Administrator Chad Carpenter said. “They have contracted out a private architect and construction company to come in and build a vestibule.”

This vestibule will require a rearrangement of the main entrance and the familiar offices used every day.

“The attendance office will be moved into this vestibule and a separate office with sliding windows will also be constructed,” Carpenter said, “so they’ll be able to have visual identification processes with a camera and can buzz an individual in.”

The purpose of the vestibule is to make sure the building stays secure and the people inside stay safe.

“It’s just a layer of security where you are able to limit the access of a building to people entering that might not need to be there or have ill intent,” Carpenter said.

The construction, unlike the metal detectors, has already begun the implementation process, and it shouldn’t be too long until the addition is complete.

“It’s already in its preliminary [stages],” Carpenter said. “The completion date is going to be hopefully by the first day of school.”

Carpenter is looking forward to the change and hopes that it will keep the building safe.

“We’re excited for all the new measures that Fayette County is putting into place to secure the safety of our students,” Carpenter said.

He is not the only one who feels this way.

“I’m happy about this [the construction],” HC Sophomore Rob Gilligan said. “I’m sure it will improve the safety of the building.”