Senior Benefit cancellation leads to unforeseen consequences

Senior Benefit has been canceled for the first time since its original creation in 1979. Students are understandably upset, and concerned how this will affect the class and dance itself.

“Ultimately, the difference is we’ll have a little less money to work with,” HC teacher and Senior Benefit Sponsor Mary Haley said. “But since we have reasonably 800 kids going to prom, if we raise the prices of prom bids a little bit it will make up for the money we did get from Senior Benefit.”

Although raising money is important for prom, it isn’t necessarily the only thing Senior Benefit stands for.

“Senior Benefit has never been just because of the money,” Haley said. “It has been very helpful to have the money but the reason we’ve been doing it for this long is what I consider the value of the activity to the senior class.“

Everyone is affected by the decision that has been made, seniors concerned are understandably disappointed.

“I have always looked forward to doing [Senior Benefit] since my older siblings did it when I was in middle school,” HC senior Luke Ralenkotter said. “It looked like it would be something fun to do. “

Ralenkotter is not alone in his disappointment.

“I thought it would be fun, especially with the people we had. HC senior Bronson Thomas said. “I felt like it would have been good but mostly prom being cheaper is what I was mostly looking for.”

Prom will be held on April 20th, with details coming soon. For any questions, students can email or talk to Senior Sponsors Mary Haley or Becky Riley in rooms 151 and 157.