Dyer divulges tips for AP exams

Eli Dyer, Editor

The end of the year is quickly approaching, and HC students are working hard to finish up their classes. At this point, the only important things left for most are finals and the AP tests, which count for college credit. For the students taking an AP test, there are some things you need to know.

This year, the AP tests are taking place May 7 through May 25. Most of the tests will be held at 2420 Spurr Rd, which is off of Georgetown Rd. Unfortunately, there is limited parking. Students are not allowed to park in the area of the parking lot marked for Junior Achievement, but everywhere else is fair game. To better accommodate the students, the grass is available for parking. Again, there is very minimal parking, with only 18 parking spots available. Even with the grass areas included, that is not much. It is recommended that those taking the test get a ride or carpool.

There are multiple sections to the building, an old elementary school. The door to enter for AP testing can be found at the inside of the L-shape area of the building.

It is also recommended that test takers bring their own watch to keep track of the time because there is no clock in the testing room. Watches that make sound are not permitted in the area. The phone policy during the AP test is not like a normal school day. Although phones can be kept with the student, if anyone’s phone so much as buzzes, their test will be invalidated. Considering that students have to pay to take the test as well as it being easy college credit, this is important to consider.

Because of how crucial the AP tests are, it is important that examinees take the proper steps in preparation. Whenever they have free time, test takers should be reading over their notes and quizzing themselves on the subject the test is over. It is not necessary to do so for a long time, just 5 to 10 minutes. If this is done enough, the examinees will be fully prepared come test day.

It is also important that students eat a good breakfast and get a good night’s sleep before the test. It is hard for test takers to concentrate when they are hungry and tired.

Those taking tests should also bring the proper materials. It is recommended that they should bring a few sharpened, Number 2 pencils because one might break. They should also bring a calculator if their test involves math of some sort.

If test takers listen to this advice, they will be well-prepared for the AP test.