SBDM discusses dramatic changes at HC in lieu of drastic budget cuts

By Kennedy Foreman and Lauren Pennington

The SBDM meeting on Mar.14 focused on budgeting approval for the 2018-2019 year. The district expects cuts of 12 million dollars next year, and as a result, HC will be losing eight teachers. These teachers are non-tenured, and we’re told the news by HC principal Paul Little earlier that day. However, a meeting with district is coming up on Mar.26, and there is hope that the number could be reduced further.

The cuts originated from the district who are allotting HC to run at a 95% staffing capacity in contrast with the 98% in previous years. The ratio was also changed from 1 teacher to 30 pupils, to 1 teacher to 31 students. The staffing cuts heavily affect the science, health, and choir as those are the departments with the least amount of tenured teachers.

Classes in the health department are ranging on average between 29-33 students per class, and current Dean of Students Coach Gay has been drafted to teach two sections of PE to help with the cuts. HC librarian Felicia White has also been asked to teach choir and beginning guitar, however she does not play guitar. HC will also reduce one of the on site technical staff to a half day rather than a full.

The budget committee cut every budget, as 75,000 dollars need to be reduced from last year’s budget. The science department, however, was allotted 23,000 dollars, much more than in previous years due to new classes. The district has changed the chain of science classes that students will take to Intro to Physics, then Intro to Chemistry, and finally Intro to biology. This is making it so that HC will have to outfit more rooms with new lab equipment, which is why their budget was greatly increased.

The elective and classes for next year were approved with much discussion. Classes such as Latin, African American Literature, Zoology, Robotics, Creative Writing, AP Human Geography and AP Comparative Government were cut for the 2018-2019 school year. Little made sure to thank all of the staff and students for their joined commitment during this difficult time. The walk out was mentioned, and the council made it known that they were proud of the student body and that the staff will be sticking together, much like the students today.