Spoiler free review of Avengers: Infinity War

Fangirl (verb)- To have an extreme reaction that blends pleasure and displeasure and is typically directed toward a beloved piece of pop culture, such as movies, tv shows, and book. And boy oh boy, did Avengers: Infinity War have me fangirling. It was such a beautiful, worthwhile movie; I’ll try my best to do a spoiler free review.

Of course, if you are interested in seeing Avengers: Infinity War, you aren’t concerned about my criticism. You’re ready to go see it and form your own opinions, so my review won’t change your opinion. There is no way you will leave the theatre disappointed. More likely, you’ll leave anticipating May 3rd 2019, the day when part two comes out. That’s the most I can say about the movie without having to post a spoiler warning, so let’s analyze some of the more innocuous elements of the incredible film.

To start, the Film Score. Marvel has always worked hard matching their music with their action packed scenes. That’s what makes the original Avenger movie’s score so iconic. The movie starts silent- no music, and the Marvel logo is almost always accompanied with music. Anticipation builds with the lack of music, but there is no lack of score when the tension builds in other scenes. I assumed that serious scenes would be jam-packed with interruptions from Star-Lord’s personal soundtrack. It wasn’t. The end of the credits point out that there were only two songs outside of the score. One song during the Guardian’s stellar entrance and the Black Panther theme song

Speaking of the credits, everyone who has ever viewed a Marvel movie knows that there is one or more credits scene. After the ending of Avengers: Infinity War, there was silence and a dark backdrop as the names rolled. No extra perks, no jokes, and no color. With these unusual circumstances, it felt like there was a possibility that there wouldn’t be anything. At the very end of the credits, patient moviegoers were rewarded with one final scene. So don’t go off for a bathroom break or a popcorn refill, because there is no way you want to miss those last moments. They’ll have you fangirling.

Everything else about the movie was nearly perfect as well. Marvel has done an astonishing job casting their movies, and seeing all of the characters interact with one another creates this atmosphere of amazement and giddiness for the audience. The interactions between these incredibly different characters make for some hilarious lines, from heroes that had been there since the first few movies and newcomers making their own splash.

It is no surprise that this film has been thirteen years in the making. It’s weaved together in a way that is sure to please fans from every walk of life. Go see it yourself, but try to shy away from spoiling it for others. After all, Thanos demands silence.