Medical Club provides a new outlook for students

by Hannah Faulkner

HC offers many clubs and activities, but they’ve recently added to the substantial list- they’ve added Medical Club, where students can learn more about careers in the medical field. Two of the main organizers of the club are HC students Anne Nombe and Olivia Klee.

Much work went into the creation of the club. Participants went out of their way to bring attention to the club, including making posters and other forms of advertisements.

“[On] our first meeting, “Nombe said, “we went all out with advertising for our club.”

With all clubs there can be difficulties along the way, like where to have the meetings and how to get people to show up. Medical Club was no exception, however, they had great success through attendance.

“We were so surprised,” Nombe said. “We had twice the number of people than we expected.”

With this high attendance, spacing has become a problem for the club. Instances of conflicting schedules have led to the club’s inability to meet in the area they wished. Student interest was also something that they struggled with, due to the topic of the club.

“Some of the problems that the club is currently facing,” HC teacher and Medical Club sponsor Denise Minor said, “[are] space, and not knowing what the [level of] student interest would be.”

Even with the difficulties, the club has continued to educate students on the medical industry. Klee and Nombe started Medical Club due to their passion for the medical field. They also wanted to connect to the students and share their passion with them.

“What we really wanted to do was help a lot of high schoolers decide what they want to do in college,” Nombe said. “Everybody who really wants to go into the medical field has that presumption that they have to be a doctor but they don’t really know what else goes on [in the medical field].”

This club can mean something to students who really enjoy Science, Math and Medicine. Students sharing their experience, and furthering their education.

“It means more friends,” Klee said. “Anne and I partnered together and had this vision where everyone brings whatever [they] know about health and medicine to come together as a team.”

Students at HC can benefit attending Medical Club meetings, which are held before school in Minor’s room. They can learn a lot about what other options there are in the medical field. In past meetings, guest speakers have come to speak about their valuable experiences in the medical field.

“It’s going to be a ton of fun,” Klee said. “We have guest speakers come in and we’ve already had a nurse come in and talk about air transport.”

Overall, this club isn’t limited to learning about different aspects of the medical field; it’s about coming together with friends and people with whom you share common interests.

“Don’t ignore your options,” Nombe said, “even if you think you’re not interested in this now, it’s still a good idea to look and learn a little bit about [the medical field].”