HC students to join the Fredrick Douglass High School student body

HC students are currently enrolling in classes for the following academic year. With the addition of Fredrick Douglass High School to Fayette County, scheduling has become somewhat complicated for select students. Redistricting has moved some of the current Blue Devil population out of HC and into the new high school.

This will not be a drastic change; only a small portion of students will be leaving, as previous are to be grandfathered in. Exact numbers have not been decided, but it is quite clear that there will only be a small change, impacting only those students who will be leaving. For the most part, HC plans on maintaining the same environment.

“Change will be insignificant,” HC Counselor Lana Bishop said, “at some point in the year we had 2,400 kids, we are scheduled to have 2,250 next year.”

Modifications of students’ lives are expected to arise from the abrupt changes they are soon to face.

“I’m uncertain about what it will be like going to a new school, I know it will be different,” HC Sophomore, soon to be attending Fredrick Douglass, Ellie Kiper said.

The students leaving are staying optimistic by finding positive aspects of Fredrick Douglass High School. Many are excited for what this new adventure has in store.

“I’m excited to go to the new high school,” Kiper said, “because although it will be different, I’m looking forward to the new opportunities they are offering, like the business program.”

The allure of a newer school has also influenced students’ enthusiasm. With promises of new programs and machinery, the horizons have broadened for the future.

“I’m excited to attend a school with new technology, clubs and sports teams,” current HC Sophomore, and soon to be attending Fredrick Douglass, Camryn Eggleston said.

Although students are looking forward to attending Fredrick Douglass High School, there is still nostalgia tied to HC.

“I will definitely miss all of the people I met,” Eggleston said, “and the traditions that are here,”