New mural livens up lower hallways of HC

by Lauren Pennington

HC is full of many unique murals that students can admire. These extravagant pieces make HC a more lively and colorful place. Recently, HC art teacher Kiefer Shuler and a select group of Art Club members have started painting a new mural that is located outside the library. This newly designed mural will be replacing the blue and white mural that was left unfinished.

The latest mural will be composed of famous figures from diverse cultures that have positively impacted the world. The purpose of this is to have something that students and faculty can relate to.

“I want it to represent every culture, society, and gender,” Shuler said. “I want everyone to walk past it and find inspiration from someone they can connect with.”

The iconic subjects of the mural and other artists provided the creativity and structure needed to come up with such an elaborate design. Some of the individuals depicted will include Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln.

“The mural was inspired by the people that are featured in it,” Shuler said, “and it’s similar scheme to Eduardo Kobra, who did the Lincoln mural downtown.”

Select members of the HC Art Club are also heavily invested in completing the mural. A lot of time has already been put into the layout and creation.

“We designed the mural,” HC junior Art Club member Stephanie Bailey said, “and recently started painting it.”

This mural has given the participants the opportunity to collaborate with people that share similar interests and ideas. It also allows them to be a part of something that will permanently be a part of HC.

“My favorite part of working on this project is being with my friends,” Bailey said. “It also will make HC look more modern and not so run down.”

Although mural has just started construction, it has already been the subject of controversy. Some influential figures have been discarded due to negative aspects of their lives.

“A good role model for the mural would be someone who is influential in history and shown leadership and intelligence,” HC student Eve Stoltz said, “but it’s also important to consider different types of people like Jimi Hendrix.”

The new mural has also sparked interest in the teachers that are located in its proximity. HC teacher Robbie Biddle has a classroom right across from the new piece.

“I think that it will look awesome when it’s done,” Biddle said.