Logsdon provides an inside look at tomorrow’s election


by Chuck Logsdon

Tomorrow, Kentucky will hold an important statewide election to determine the  future of the state. This election will decide the Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Treasurer, Commissioner of Agriculture, and a member of the Fayette County Board of Education, along with other positions.

The members of the Fayette County Board of Education up for election are Will Nash and Christy Morris. Will Nash is a former middle school teacher that supports pay raises for teachers. Christy Morris, a mother with students in public schools, supports an increase in community power in the schools with institutions like SBDM, and wants to focus on food security with students.

The main candidates for the Commissioner of Agriculture are Ryan F. Quarles and Robert Haley Conway. Ryan F. Quarles is the Republican candidate in this race. Quarles is a 9th generation farmer who serves on the presidents Agricultural Advisory Team. Robert Haley Conway is the Democratic candidate in this race who wants to invest in agricultural jobs as well as education about agriculture in public schools.

The candidates for the State Treasurer are Allison Ball and Michael Bowman. Allison Ball, the Republican candidate, seeks to cut down on taxes and supports more intense checks on the fiscal responsibility of the state government. Michael Bowman, the Democratc candidate, supports protecting the investments of the state.

The candidates for the Attorney General are Daniel Cameron and Gregory Stumbo. Daniel Cameron, the Republican candidate, wants to depoliticize the office of the Attorney General, and strengthen relationships with federal partners. Gregory Stumbo, the Democratic candidate, assumed the office of the Attorney General of Kentucky in 2004, wants to address the opioid crisis and the issue of child predators.

Running for Secretary of State are Republican Michael G. Adams and Democrat Heather French Henry. Adams wants to use his position to make voting easier and more secure. He also opposes abortion and supports second amendent rights. Adams wants to work with the White House, not against. Henry also supports voter security and accessibility. Henry wants to make Kentucky business-friendly to support local businesses and wants to increase civics education.

The most important race in this election is that of the Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky. The main candidates in this race are current Republican governor Matt Bevin, and Democratic challenger Andy Beshear. Bevin has faced controversy in the past as he spoke harshly against teachers and was against the teacher strikes. Bevin has discussed his support for Trump. Bashear is the current Attorney General of Kentucky and son of former governor Steve Beshear. Beshear wants to fight the opioid crisis and push for transparency from federal officials.

This election will take place tomorrow, November 5th, so if you are eligible please do not forget to get out and vote.