Graham Wald moves on to new UK football career


by William Begley

HC football’s star kicker, Graham Wald, has made his mark at HC through his 4 years on the team, but his career isn’t ending there. Graham has committed to the UK’s football team as a new kicker and will continue to show his skills there.

Wald began playing football in 8th grade with no intention of continuing the sport through highschool and into college. He gained inspiration to join the team from his middle school’s football team’s head coach who played in the NFL.

“I started playing in 8th grade,” Wald said, “and I wasn’t going to be a kicker so I just played different positions back then. I ended up being pretty good and started going to different football camps where they asked me to kick.”

Following his practice at football camps, Wald moved up to the highschool level and continued to practice as a kicker.

“My freshman season I got pretty serious about it,” Wald said. “I started the recruiting process around this time.”

Wald has accumulated a number of accolades during his tenure as HC’s kicker, as he played during the team’s great and not so great seasons.

“I’d have to say my greatest achievement was being selected for 1st team all-state during my junior year,” Wald said. “My senior season didn’t end the way I wanted it to which was kind of disappointing.”

However, reflecting back on his time at HC, Wald didn’t focus on the wins, but the times with his team.

“My favorite memory was beating Scott County during my junior season,” Wald said. “I  had 3 field goals and 12 or 13 points, by far my favorite memory. But I loved every second of it. I met some of my best friends on the football team and I had a great time playing with my friends.”

Wald was an invaluable contribution to HC football and you can see him play in the coming years on the UK football team.