First 2020 Presidential Debate: chaos abounding


Reece Ingram, Editor-in-Chief

2020 could not get more interesting, especially with the Presidential Election coming up in November. President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden had a very heated debate on September 29th. The 90 minutes almost felt as if they were wasted due to the complete chaos. It was mostly arguing, belligerent shouting, and multiple interruptions. Overall, it was unprofessional and incoherent.

About seven and a half minutes into the debate, the shouting and arguing started. Trump was interrupting and speaking over Biden while he was discussing the current healthcare system and how he plans on changing it. President Trump clearly seemed as if he felt personally attacked, and as a defense mechanism, he pivoted it back towards the former Vice President.

Not only was Trump arguing with Biden, he was also arguing with the moderator, Chris Wallace. Wallace was obviously irritated during the debate and had to remind Trump several times that he was there to ask the questions. Also, at many points during the debate, Wallace had to step in and break up the quarrels. This just shows how child-like both candidates are from a professional standpoint.

Also, throughout the debate, Biden looked directly into the camera, as if he were speaking to American citizens in person. This might have been his way of connecting to America’s people. He completely turned away from the President. His lines were more effective that way.

The theme of the whole debate was the name-calling and dissing of each other. Biden called Trump a liar on a few accounts and Trump called Biden a clown. Some of my favorite lines include, “Let me shut you down, Joe.”, “Will he shush for a minute?,” and “Shut up, man.” Trump and Biden are fed up with each other, and that is what keeps the debate entertaining. This first debate was just the first comical book in its series.

Neither candidate seemed like they were prepared. Both Biden and Trump attacked one other on a personal level. Trump continued to bring up Biden’s son’s military career and how he was dishonorably discharged. Biden automatically defended his son. Then, Biden brought up President Trump’s tax returns. The bickering continued on from there.

It is honestly quite sad that these men are our top choices for the 2020 Election. Biden and Trump exhibited unruly, unprofessional behavior. Neither were there to actually discuss their plans during the debate, instead they were there to pick fights and gaslight each other. Both also avoided the questions and focused on what the other candidate should do and what they are doing wrong. Neither took the opportunity to clearly state what they want to change about the country and how to make it a better place for its citizens.

The next Presidential Debate is on October 15th at 9pm, and that debate should be just as interesting as the first.