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New HC policy limits students’ use of hall passes

QR codes were hung up around HC to allow students to sign a petition to get the hall pass rule changed.

Since the arrival of Dr. Franklin at HC, many new policies have been instated. One such policy, however, has already been an issue for many students in the building. Beginning on September 5th, students were not allowed to leave their first, advisory, or sixth hour. This rule was made out of concern for safety, regarding fights, and making sure students are attending their classes. This rule is set to continue until announced differently. 

The beginning of the school year has been filled with numerous fights amongst students, particularly in first and sixth hours, hence why students are no longer allowed out of their classes during those hours. However, the kids who are fighting are not the ones being punished by this rule. Students who want to fight will find time to do it any time of the day. The students being hurt by this policy are the average ones who just have to use the bathroom or need to go somewhere during class. Not allowing students to use the bathroom during three different hours of the day is not only absurd; it’s a violation of rights. 

In addition to first and sixth hours, students are also no longer allowed out of their advisory. Many students tend to skip advisory, so there is a reason for this rule to be in place. However, once again, this rule hurts the students who just have to go to the bathroom or leave the room for some other reason. Many students use their advisory period as a time to talk to their teachers and ask questions. This can no longer be done. There isn’t always time during actual class to talk to a teacher one-on-one, so advisory period was a useful tool, but that privilege has been revoked all because of a select group of students. Every student shouldn’t be punished for a select population’s issues. 

This new policy also illegally identifies students with medical exemptions. Designated hall passes were assigned to students with medical exemptions in order for the student to use the restroom or leave the room at any point. Certain students having these hall passes or being able to leave during hours when other kids are not draws attention to them. Students take notice of this and are then able to determine who has these exemptions. This is a violation of students’ HIPPA rights.

HC students have voiced concerns over this policy. A petition was created by students to get this policy changed. Flyers hang around the school titled “Want to use the bathroom when you want to?” with a QR code underneath so students can scan for the petition. 

HC needs to listen to its students. This policy violates the rights of students and is unfair to all students who just have to use the bathroom. 

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