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Riley takes on a new role at HC

This is Riley’s first year as an assistant principal at HC.

This year, many new faces are bringing their new perspectives to HC, including new head principal Dr. Corye Franklin. Among the many new faces, however, is a familiar one. Former social studies teacher Steven Riley is bringing his knowledge of the building to the administrative team as he takes on a new role. After spending 17 years in the classroom at HC, Riley is returning to school this year as an assistant principal. As a result, Riley’s responsibilities have significantly changed.

“I’m responsible for a lot more school wide issues and logistics, as opposed to a smaller group,” Riley said. “I’m dealing with different types of discipline issues, as opposed to classroom issues.”

As he takes on more responsibility involving the entire school, Riley has found it more difficult to form deep relationships with his students than it was while teaching in the classroom.

“I miss being able to get to know students–hearing about their games, clubs, activities, and things like that,” Riley said. “Having relationships with a broader range of students is something I definitely miss.” 

Riley has been forced to adapt to create opportunities to connect with students. 

“I’ve met with some kids to get to know them better,” Riley said. “Talking to kids at lunch, in the hallways, and in passing is a great time to get to meet students and get to know them a little bit. A lot of times, there are kids I had last year or in previous years, or I had their siblings and they’re here now.”

Although he misses certain aspects of teaching, Riley’s experience is bringing a new perspective to the HC administration. He views it as an advantage to know the staff, students, and building at HC.

“[My experience] is a huge help, especially with Dr. Franklin being new to Henry Clay and Kentucky,” Riley said. “I can give him background information about how things have happened here in the past, why certain practices are in place, and how students and teachers feel about certain issues at Henry Clay.”

Among many different adjustments, the most surprising aspect of being an assistant principal for Riley has been the endless flow of work.

“The work never really ends,” Riley said. “You fix one problem, and as you’re fixing that, something else pops up. Sometimes you have to deal with it immediately, and sometimes you can put it off. Mr. Little used to call it a game of Tetris, where the pieces are always falling but the game never really ends.”

So far, despite the adjustments Riley has made, he is looking forward to the new school year. He is excited to come back to HC in a new role, where he is constantly learning new things and being challenged in new ways.

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