The importance of Earth Week participation at HC

The importance of Earth Week participation at HC

Bella Doyle, Reporter

Earth Day is April 22nd of every year which HC has always been involved in Earth Day activities and takes it very seriously. The week leading up to Earth Day students and staff are able to participate in Earth Week. HC science teacher, Elizabeth Inman is in charge of what gets done during this week.

The Go Green Club plays a massive role at HC and in the overall community throughout the school year, but especially during Earth Week. 

“It is an environmental club and we work to make it more sustainable here at HC for things like recycling,” Inman said. “It is a very hectic time of the school year and we have had trouble getting student involvement because of spring sports.”

Earth Week creates a lot of varying opinions on students and staff. Some people find it more impactful than others.

“I’m not a big fan of Earth Week,” Inman said. “It needs to be something we do all of the time, not just a certain day or week.”

Teachers in Advisory classes were told to advertise Earth Week however, many did not, which resulted in students not being aware of possible involvement opportunities.

“There was a Google Slide talking about the week that should have been presented to classes in Advisory,” Inman said. “Since many did not, we have to make up for that. We could have a thing where each day a different Advisory goes around to pick up and trash, as a possible alternative.”

Earth Week has been an event done in the past. It has always been hard to gather students for participation as the number of people in the Go Green Club gradually decreases.

“At the beginning there were about 50 people participating,” Inman said. “I don’t think people are as touched with the environment so I think we need to make these things more of a priority because it’s just upsetting that not as many people want to show up anymore.”

The more objects being sold, the more students realize those items can be recycled which is a good way to be involved in the community.

“We have been selling Little Bites in the Ebucks store,” Inman said. “If students buy these from the Ebucks store they can recycle them and bring them back to me.”

Rewards are given to students for participating in environmental clean-up just as simple as recycling a wrapper or bag. 

“They can bring me these Little Bites to be shipped out then melted and made into hard plastic to make other things,” Inman said. “When students bring this package back, they get an Ebuck.”

Recycling bags is one of the many options you can participate in throughout the week as well. 

“We are also selling these reusable cutlery because there was such a waste in the lunchroom,” Inman said. “We would love to work with the cafeteria, but we haven’t gotten to that connection yet.”

There was a campus cleanup on Thursday, April 20th that Go Green members were involved in after school. 

More events like this can be created, but during school hours so there would be a greater amount of students involved. 

Earth Day is a very important event helping many individuals and the community as a whole. Involving Earth Week at HC shows the support that students and staff have towards environmental goals. It is a good way for people to learn new things about the Earth. 

Earth Week needs to be better advertised to students so that there is more participation for newly introduced students. Student participation is one of the most encouraged things at schools, especially at HC. That is why it is important to educate students about Earth Week so we can start making a difference.