Students are upset as AP electives disappear from HC master schedule


AP practice books line the shelves of the Counseling Office.

Meryl Crandall and Evelyn Dyer

As we approach the end of the 2022-23 school year, some students are feeling the pressure of heavy coursework and AP tests, while others are looking forward to graduation and summer break. Behind the scenes, HC counselors are in the process of determining the master schedule for the 2023-24 school year and have notified some students of possible class cancellations. 

The 2023-24 Schedule Planning document reveals several classes that are not projected to make the cut for next year. Notably, AP electives such as AP Art History and AP Human Geography, despite having considerable interest, are not being offered next year. Other higher level classes, such as Advanced Sociology and Advanced Probability and Statistics, which each have around 20 students signed up, are also projected to not be offered.

Cutting elective choices present a concern of student interests being invalidated. Reducing the variety of AP elective options only harms students hoping to pursue their interests at the AP level and receive college credit. With these proposed cuts, remaining AP elective choices skew towards STEM areas. Additionally, students who signed up for these classes initially may have difficulty finding a similar class as other AP electives fill up.

Not only does this decision hurt students in the upcoming school year, but it affects future students. Once a class is cut, the class is less likely to be present on the HC schedule in future years due to reduced interest. Many students sign up for AP classes due to recommendations from students who have previously taken them. Thus, as AP Art History and AP Human Geography are cut from the 2023-24 master schedule, it will take more effort to reestablish these classes in the future.

It’s difficult for a class to be on the HC Master Schedule if students don’t know what it offers. For instance, students attempted to add AP Environmental Science to the Master Schedule last school year and were able to get 14 students to sign up for the course. However, it was cut from the schedule and the course wasn’t offered. Canceling AP classes with proven student interest may cause them to not be offered in following years.

It’s disappointing to many students to find out that the AP or advanced class they signed up for will be canceled in the next school year. Elective choices are important to students to provide academic freedom and possible career interests. Hopefully, HC administrators and the SBDM council will recognize that in the future.