Michigan State begs the question how many more


Photo provided by Wikipedia Commons.

Evie Smith, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On February 13, 2023, yet another mass shooting happened; this time at Michigan State University. The gunman at the school had two handguns on him when located directly after he had killed three people. While people were unsettled by the shooting, Americans have become destigmatized to these mass shootings because of the frequency. However, the MSU shooting was unique. In the background of photos from the day of the shooting and days after the shooting, it became apparent that a student was wearing an “Oxford Strong” shirt. This shirt is in remembrance of the shooting at Oxford High School, also in Michigan, which multiple students attending MSU endured. People following the story also became aware that a student attending MSU had also experienced the Sandy Hook shooting. Nobody should have to endure a mass shooting, nonetheless have to endure multiple. 

Mass shootings happen far too often in the United States. As of March 9, there had been over 100 mass shootings in 2023. This means that there have been more shootings than days this year. This should never be the case. 

The American population has become destigmatized to mass shootings. They happen too often in the United States, and people ignore them because there are too many to pay attention to every single one that occurs. Our country should never have come to the point where mass shootings don’t matter or affect people; that is insane. 

Some people make the argument that guns don’t kill, people do. According to this logic, there is no need for gun restrictions. However, because of the access that people have to guns, they are able to murder innocents with these easily acquirable guns; America needs to strengthen gun laws. The second amendment does not guarantee that everyone has the right to carry a gun on their person at all times, as people like to argue. The second amendment also does not give people the right to shoot innocent people. 

HC experienced its own threat in October 2022. What if this student had shot people within the school? Then would peoples’ minds change? Why do people have to experience a shooting for them to take notice and care? This shouldn’t be the reality. The country should never have come to the point where mass shootings go unnoticed by the overall population. America, do better.