Fox News gives HC sports recognition


Bella Doyle, Reporter

On the morning of Friday, January 13th, Fox 56 News made their way to highlight some sports here at HC. This included both girls and boys basketball, along with cheer and dance. Some students were selected to be interviewed by the news reporter to get more insight on their sports season. Two senior dancers, Cate Calvert and Jada Floyd, were interviewed on the dance team talking about this 2022-23 season. A HC cheerleader named Deenia Marie was also chosen to answer questions about their team’s season so far. 

All sports were asked to cheer loudly at certain times and be silent at other times showing the cooperation and dedication students hold. The dance and cheer teams even performed a 30 second fight song routine together. Not only did students enjoy being on the news, but many parents loved spotting their own kids on live television. 

“It was fun and exciting,” Floyd said. “I believe all sports there got the spotlight and attention they deserved.”

There were many sports that didn’t get to participate, which has caused questions to circulate if there should have been more teams there or not. 

The news reporter chose what teams to include based off of their season and the teams who last throughout the fall and spring period. 

“I think more sports should have been included,” Floyd said. “All sports are important here and deserve the spotlight.”

Originally only basketball and cheer were invited, but thanks to HC teacher Lisa Hager, dance was able to be included. Hager has a strong connection with the dance team and coaches.

With competition season finished, all the cheer team has left to do are sidelines at the home basketball games. The news feature offered new ways for the cheer team to be introduced. 

 “Being on live news can encourage people to join the cheer team next year.” Cheerleader Katelyn Dixon said.

This was the first time for these sports to do something like this and for HC itself to share their student athletes.

Everyone took this event seriously, especially during interviews.

“I was nervous and excited to share details about my talented team,” Calvert said. “I think it was good to shine a light on our achievements and to let everyone know about our upcoming nationals trip to Orlando, Florida.”

For cheer, this was something different for them, especially since they got to be in the front for a good amount of time. 

“It was fun,” Dixon stated. “I’ve been on the team for two years so I enjoyed being on the news with my teammates.”

Being on the news created attention to HC. Upcoming students can use this as a motivation to join a sports team, or even people already here who are hesitant to join one can use this appearance to motivate them.