Officer’s use of profanity reflects poorly on all


HC’s law enforcement works out of the upstairs, yellow hallway.

Sydney Cain, Reporter

Ordinary experiences at HC can often involve profanity. However, there has been various accounts of an officer speaking in front of the student body with loud profanity. Such gestures have been witnessed by both students and staff alike, but there hasn’t been any adjustments. There are several negative outcomes that can come from this unprofessional behavior. The HC community needs to place trust within our officers, though it is hard to do so when they are unprofessional. 


During October 27th’s lockdown, HC law enforcement program performed exceedingly well in preventing a dangerous outcome. However, certain officers have not handled day-to-day high school conflict in a professional manner, specifically instances where loud profanity was used. This results with students investing less trust within the HC law enforcement. Students should never feel intimidated to bring issues to law enforcement’s attention. HC’s positive and safe environment should be prioritized. 


The HC law enforcement takes on the most crucial job in the school. In order to keep us safe, they must be prepared with their firearms accessible at all times. Guns are a potential to harm, as we were reminded by the lockdown. Because each officer has constant access to weapons, the community should see a calm demeanor. Profanity is expressed every day by angry students; our law enforcement should be a role model, not another example.


It is important to appreciate how law enforcement has excelled at their job in most situations. However, in order to maintain a quality environment at HC, it is essential that these instances become less common.