UK racial incident exposes continued need for social change

UK racial incident exposes continued need for social change

Denise Meads, Reporter

Black people often experience the brunt of racism in America. This past month, a racial attack against a Black University of Kentucky student Kylah Spring took place. During this attack, a white UK student, Sophia Rosing, repeatedly called Spring racial slurs and physically assaulted Spring. Rosing was able to withdraw from UK before being permanently banned by the university. Even though UK did take disciplinary action against Rosing, the outcome would have been very different if the roles were reversed. 

 Minorities, especially Black people, have always been a low priority in America. Women have often experienced the same unfair treatment. For Spring, the combination of being Black and a woman made it more challenging for her to get the attention she deserved after this racial attack. White people often acknowledge racism in America but lack the commitment needed to change these problems. 

Black people try to be proactive and avoid racism as early as birth. When a Black child is born, parents have to consider a name that is good on paper to set them up for a bright future. Black people also have to consider certain hairstyles, fashion, and the way they carry themselves to avoid certain stereotypes. Even when all these precautions are taken, Black people are still racially targeted in a society where racism has been recognized. 

Following the death of Breonna Taylor from Louisville, Kentucky, there was a ¨Racial Reckoning¨ in America. During the pandemic, issues of police brutality and racism against Black people were brought up and widely discussed. Numerous protests led white people to recognize these problems and want to change. These potential changes are swept quickly under the rug until another racially targeted attack happens once again. 

Black people are constantly speaking about their issues but lack a voice in a predominantly white country. Black people need help from all people to speak out about these issues and support these changes. Protesting, donating to a cause, or educating others can all help the Black community in their fight for equality. 

The racial attack against Spring certainly won’t be the last to happen, but it should raise concerns for all Americans. These problems need to be continuously addressed and will be until Black people get the treatment they deserve. One person could make a difference in this fight for equality.