Combination of viruses cause concern


Christiana Barlow, Editor

Since the winter season started, there has been a major rise of respiratory illnesses throughout the United States. At this point, people are unsure whether or not they have Covid, Flu, RSV, or just a common cold, some may call this a Tripledemic. While there are many helpful shots you can get to prevent these viruses, people have been disregarding the fact that Covid is not the only virus you should be worried about. The upcoming winter season may cause a substantial number of cases across the country.  

 Many teachers and students across the United States have been getting infected with these illnesses, causing schools to be closed for a few days. Many teachers have had to cover for other teachers who have been out sick due to the lack of substitute teachers. The effect this has on teachers makes it difficult for them to fit extra classes into the school day. Some students who have been getting sick find it hard to do work when all they want to do is rest in order to get better. HC just last month was shut down for two days because of the number of student and teacher absences.

Many Americans have been disregarding the fact that Covid is not the only virus you should be worried about. It has been two years since the pandemic started, and while this is a major illness to cause concern, there are many other viruses that are still affecting people. Everyone has focused so much on Covid that they have forgotten about all the other illnesses that can severely impact your life. Young children, especially, have been the most impacted by the Flu  while adults are the most infected by RSV.  

The most important thing you can do is get all the shots in order to prevent these illnesses. Unfortunately, the people that don’t believe in getting vaccinated are causing an issue. Yet again, if the people that are able to get vaccinated got their shots then cases would likely decrease. A large percentage of Americans are currently hospitalized because they have not gotten their vaccinations. There are people who have gotten the flu shot and still gotten sick–but getting these vaccines protects you more against the viruses as well as helps symptoms not be as severe. 

As the upcoming break approaches, consider getting vaccinated for the Flu and especially getting your booster shot so we can come back to school in 2023 without concern of getting sick.