Tests proceeding finals add extra stress for students

Caroline Costich, Editor

With the last week before break quickly approaching, finals aren’t the only tests students are worried about. In the last few days before finals week, students have complained about a rise in tests so close to a pivotal part of the year. This has many students stressed even more than usual and is making reviews seem nearly impossible to complete on top of studying current content for tests. 

Many students have expressed being concerned about tests on the Friday and Monday before finals. On top of pages of review to hopefully help them remember everything, they have learned this first semester, many of their teachers are also using the last week to assess their knowledge of recent content. While this may seem daunting and nearly impossible, it is important to prioritize studying and try not to procrastinate. 

Using the upcoming weekend to study for finals is a great way to prioritize your time. Instead of using this week to study for finals, use the last days leading up to finals week to study for the unit tests. While it is never enjoyable or ideal to spend a whole weekend studying, it is important to stay on top of study guides. Creating a plan to organize how to spend your time could be helpful. Whether you study with friends, parents, or alone, using tactics that work for you is important to succeeding in the final weeks of the semester. 

For those who struggle with studying, some options other than studying alone, include listening to music, working in a public space (like a coffee shop), or taking breaks in between subjects to let your mind rest. Studying in a way that benefits you and is productive is also extremely important leading up to finals. 

Even though it may feel like a sea of schoolwork is drowning you, in two weeks it will be over. Taking time to take care of yourself is important in these last weeks and even when it feels difficult, remember that it is okay to take a break and start again later. Studying is hard, and finals week tests everyone both academically and mentally, but at the end of it a break is well deserved.