The World Cup should not ignore injustice


Jeremy Castillo Hernandez, Editor

There’s no doubt that one of the highlights of 2022 is the FIFA World Cup. With everything thats happened in the last four years, it’s relieving to see countries come together, competing, and displaying a civil form of unity. Yet despite such a wonderful event, a covert fault seems to be defeating its main purpose.

A change in this year’s tournament was the season it was hosted in. Out of concern for the effect of the weather conditions on the players, it had to be postponed for winter. However, those working in construction projects related to the World Cup were susceptible to these risks, leading to many deaths.

During an interview with Piers Morgan, World Cup chief Hassan Al-Thawadi gave an estimate of construction worker fatalities related to the building of this year’s tournament. 

“The estimate is around 400, between 400 and 500,” Al-Thawadi said. 

Unfortunately, this estimate only counts for Qatari workers. The Guardian reported that 6,500 migrant workers from different countries had lost their lives since 2010 when it was announced that Qatar would host the tournament.

Big construction projects clearly have risks, but seeing an internationally successful company such as FIFA have to undergo such quantities of deaths is alarming. 

Many migrant workers share a similar story. They work for the well-being of their household, but also for the progression of this internationally awaited event. These builders sacrificed their last moments, enduring hours of abusive labor, to bring this event to the world. It’s outrageous to think that a sporting event is responsible for such devastation.

The fact that the athletes were the only people taken into consideration for the weather is erroneous. The World Cup is known for encouraging unity amongst our countries, but it has to be realized that equity is part of unity. You can’t preach unity and forget about the very people hosting and assembling your event.

With the World Cup ending soon, attention will be derived from the subject. We shouldn’t ignore this reality. We have to be aware of the injustice shown to these lives lost. Whether FIFA decides to speak on the matter or not, one thing remains true, it shouldn’t take a loss of life to reveal the truth.