Clothing Drive at HC produces an important outcome


Photo Credit: Ciera Bowman

Bella Doyle, Reporter

This year at HC, Ciera Bowman and Jennifer Grigsby organized a clothing drive to help students in need of clothes. Last school year was the first time HC held this drive, it wasn’t a big push because of COVID-19. This year, the outcome for how many clothes were donated has improved, but they still wish for better. Students had two weeks to donate; the last day was Friday, October 14th. There were a total of seven boxes with clothes by the end of the two weeks. Even with the drive being over, donations are still open to the Youth Service Center.

“I think they did a good job advertising it,” McKenzie said. “My theory is maybe a lot of people just haven’t discovered the joy of giving yet. You can get so much joy from giving and a lot of people just never realize how much happiness it can bring you.”

Several emails were sent answering any questions or confusion students or teachers had.

“Towards the end, we were just expecting a lot more donations, and we did not,” Bowman quotes. “During the winter, we would celebrate with a pizza party, so we were trying to motivate that.”

In government classes, 10 hours of community service are required. You can wear pink on Wednesdays, help out in certain events, bring canned foods in, and donate clothes. They count the clothing drive as community service because it inspires students to participate in community service while also getting in their hours.

The drive will continue because it is important and helps the community. As this continues, it will leave room for improvement each year.

“The clothes are only being donated to kids at HC,” Bowman says. “There will be racks where students in need of coats come to shop for themselves.”

Many teachers and students were confused about what types of clothing could be donated. Students aren’t allowed to wear hoods on their head which creates issues with parents when they are collecting hoodies.

“The clothes are going to the Youth Service Center,” McKenzie said. “There are kids who don’t have great access, and it is important to meet that need.”

People can still donate even when the clothing drive ends. Students don’t realize yet that there are people who struggle to buy clothes.

“We go through a lot of clothes,” Bowman said. “I have a budget with the Youth Service Center, but I’m only allowed so much money. I have already spent more than half of the money, and the school year isn’t even halfway over.”

The clothing drive is an opportunity to help others at HC who need it. This event will continue in upcoming years allowing more students to take part in helping out.