HC DanceBlue makes mini-marathon annual again


HC DanceBlue poster hangs up in a HC classroom.

Cameron Ellis, Editor

Henry Clay’s DanceBlue Fundraiser is revamped this year. The mini dance marathon is returning and committee chairs are expanding the reach of DanceBlue to more HC students. DanceBlue is a large charity that raises money in support of children who have cancer to aid their families financially. HC is joined with other highschools around Fayette County and the University of Kentucky to help kids in need. 

“DanceBlue originally started at UK as a 24 hour dance marathon and was exclusively there until it branched out to highschools, middle schools, and even elementary schools,” head HC DanceBlue committee chair Leah Barnard said.

HC has not done a mini dance marathon since the 2019-2020 school year because of COVID, and they are thrilled to host the marathon in the HC cafeteria on December 2nd, 2022 from 5pm-10pm. The mini-marathon includes learning a dance as a group, performing it every hour, and having fun activities in between. It is an exciting event that many look forward to. 

There are different committees for DanceBlue including the fundraising committee led by Sophia Link, the dance committee led by Stella Birk, and the promotions committee led by Evelyn Dyer. The committees focus on particular aspects of the club but all of the committees work together to raise money for the kids during the mini-marathon.

“We are all in charge of planning our dance marathon coming up and everyone is an important  part of planning this out.” Barnard said.     

The most important goal of DanceBlue is to raise money for the kids. HC’s fundraiser also has bake sales where homemade goods are sold to students. These baked goods are sold after school on planned days. DanceBlue also has hosted a field day with many fun activities for participating students to enjoy.

“Bake sales are always a big thing here,” said Barnard. “People like baked goods and it promotes a great cause so we always sell out quickly.”

DanceBlue is striving for a high turnout this year at the mini-marathon and HC is working hard to help the kids in need.