Football Blue Devils reflect on injury-filled season


VanHorn is one of many senior leader on HC’s football team.

Sydney Cain, Reporter

The HC football team has battled a variety of injuries this season that has put them in unanticipated situations. Though these injuries are not ideal, the team took advantage of the opportunities presented. Many players along with coaches stood out as leaders as the team became closer. The chemistry they share has benefited the HC football program throughout every win and loss. The season took a turn early on when they lost their starting quarterback, Blake VanHorn. VanHorn and injured safety Aidan Hannan are both seniors this year.

“Most of the injured players, if not all, are continuing to come to practices,” Hannan said, “definitely coming to games, especially the seniors, are continuing to help the underclassmen and the juniors”.

Seniors memorialize their final season by staying connected with and supporting teammates throughout the injuries HC encounters.

“It definitely affected the way our offense ran,” VanHorn said, “and we may have lost one or two games we should have won”.

The team’s quarterback returned the week of the Lafayette High School game, while an injured offensive linemen will be prepared to play again this Friday against Tates Creek High School. 

“I came back two games ago,” VanHorn said, “and that’s helped us here and there. It’s helped our offense a lot, but one of our safeties just got hurt. We’re pretty good for right now. Holden, starting offensive linemen, will come back soon”.

Regardless of the team’s poor reputation for success among HC, players like VanHorn work to lead the team to triumph.

“I think Malcom did a really good job at stepping up and filling in,” Hannan said. “But now that we have Blake back you can definitely see the impact he makes on the team and the leadership he provides. I think the school doesn’t know the behind the scenes of what goes on in the locker room and on the field”. 

Injured players are aware of the leadership strengths shown by players in all conditions this season.

“Even the injured players are still making an impact on the team,” Hannan said. “They’re still leading the team, including myself. I try to help lead the team, I feel like our talent may have gone down but I feel like the overall team morale hasn’t taken a hit too much”.

Though it may seem as if hope has been taken from this season, the team is yet to be disheartened.

“I think from last year we’ve definitely seen a lot of improvement,” Hannan said. “We’ve seen a lot more leadership from the players. We all feel more connected as a team”.

The team continues to communicate and fight through every game, on and off the field.

“We’re all still on the same page and playing for the same goal,” Hannan said. “We’re still playing for each other. I think the injured players are staying pretty involved”.

Though injuries have thrown obstacles at the football program, The coaching staff is credited for the guidance they’ve provided to underclassmen. 

“It allowed these players to step up,” Hannan said. “Coach Gay has done a really good job of preparing all of these guys for the case”.

The football team has strengthened and resided with able players as the last games of the season approach.

“We lost a few games,” VanHorn said. “I feel like students are starting to expect the same thing, but I expect to win a lot of games to finish this season”.

Those players enduring and coming out of injuries look forward to watching the team strive for victory.

“Just for players to realize how big of a blessing it is to be able to play football,” VanHorn said. “I know it makes them play harder when they come back”.

The last home game of the season will take place on Friday, October 21 at 6:30. The Blue Devils will take on Tates Creek High School for their Senior Night.