Blue Devils support Eastern Kentucky book drive


Leah Barnard

HC students and teachers have contributed to the success of the book drive.

Leah Barnard, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The International Book Project and Bloomsbury on Sunday Book Club are collaborating to raise books for locations affected by the floods in eastern Kentucky. These locations include school libraries, daycare centers, and anywhere in need of children’s books. They are collecting primarily children’s books, however, they are also accepting core subject textbooks, reference books (published after 2000), and Spanish books. 

“It was a great opportunity to help out the community of Eastern Kentucky and do our part,” Christopher said. “People need as many materials as they can get, which is the goal of the drive.”

Sophomores and brothers Christopher and Noah Ferguson first introduced the Bloomsbury Book Drive to HC for the week of September 12th through the 16th. First introduced through their mother’s involvement with the Bloomsbury book club, the Fergusons became more involved with introducing it to HC.

The drive had an overall goal of 5,000 children’s books, and they have met that goal. The Bloomsbury Book Club intended to continue collecting books even past the goal in order to maximize the amount of resources they can donate. However, the organization does not know specifically where the resources will be going.

“The drive has been really successful so far, not just at HC, but everywhere that is involved,” Noah said. “We have received more books than our goal, and we are still getting more, which is great.”