New HVAC system at HC offers hope for better temperatures


Evie Smith, Co-Editor-in-Chief

For the past 20 years, or so, HC has had issues with its heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units (HVAC). After nearly two decades, and a large grant, every unit is being replaced. This construction was supposed to start in July, however, due to supply chain issues, started later. It is predicted to be completed when students and faculty return to HC after Fall Break. 

“There are 22 units,” Associate Principal Jamie Allen said, “two in the gym, which have been replaced, and six on the roof have been replaced. We have about 15 more [on the roof] that will be replaced over fall break, we hope.”

With the replacement of the HVAC system, comes construction. There was a crane present on HC campus starting Thursday, September 1, which was removed the following Wednesday. The crane did not cause major disruption to students, however, did affect teacher parking, and did impact the school day some.

“The orchestra and guitar classes we’ve had to relocate,” Allen said. “There was a computer class we had to relocate, also. It was really minimal. I think two art classes, fourth through sixth period on Tuesday, that we also had to relocate. It’s not as bad as I thought. Parking [was] definitely impacted, but now that it’s out of here, hopefully, we won’t have another crane on campus during school.”

Teachers, especially those who have been dealing with the problem HVAC system for a number of years, are quite pleased to have a complete replacement of it. 

“I think the teachers will put up with the construction because they’ve been dealing with [the HVAC system] the last 20 years,” Allen said. “All the teachers have been great, flexible, and [have] no complaints because they want air conditioning.”

Allen is also glad to have the system fixed since he is the principal who deals with the teachers, and the issues teachers have with the school.

“It’s going to make my job a lot easier,” Allen said, “because a huge thing that I deal with is teachers. I have to put work orders in, and I’m constantly calling Central Office for the HVAC people, who are usually out here, probably daily.”

All students and faculty here at HC should be pleased to know that there should, if all goes to plan, be no more classes with temperatures nearing the 80s. Learning environments should be better for students and teachers, both, with the complete replacement of the HVAC system.