HC hallway etiquette leaves something to be desired

HC downstairs green hallway after fourth hour.

Evie Smith

HC downstairs green hallway after fourth hour.

Evie Smith, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The beginning of every new school year brings the promise of one thing- new students. Most of these new students have never set foot in HC, nor been in a building with as many people. It is obvious that the hallways are difficult to navigate; even people who have gone to school at HC for years will still get lost on the occasion. However, it is important for every student to learn to navigate them fast, because the hallways are an issue.

On a daily basis, HC is filled with over 2000 people. That means that there is not the time, nor space for people to dilly-dally in the hallways. It is understandable that students want to talk to their friends in the hallways, but you cannot stand around and do that because you will be in peoples’ way. Walk and talk, talk later, or don’t talk at all, just do not stand still in the hallways. You can often find groups of people walking or standing together. These groups cannot linger in the hallways because that is a large body that is difficult to get through. People will also walk each other to class- this just makes people late to class, and have to turn around in the hallways, which is bothersome to everyone around you.

Having not been in the hallways before, some students, particularly freshmen, don’t understand certain unspoken rules. For example, if you don’t have to go on the staircases on the side of the school near the cafeteria during fourth period, then don’t. They are already packed with people trying to get to and from lunch, so non-lunch people don’t need to be on them. You should also try and stick to your side of the hallway, which would be the right side when walking toward your next class.

Some people choose to linger in the hallways before class starts. This isn’t as big of a problem crowding wise since not everyone gets to school at the same time, but the more people that do it, the worse it gets. You also shouldn’t be late to your classes, so it is best to just go to class when you get to school. After school, it is also best to just go where you need to, so that you aren’t preventing someone from leaving the building or being late to their bus. 

The hallways are also where information, updates, social events, and contacts for your counselors are located. People often want to stop and look at these, which is fine in itself, except for when you block other people by doing so. The best time to do this would be on your way to or from lunch, as to not get in the way of people. Before and after school also works, but still making sure you are getting to class on time and not preventing people from being late. 

HC is an overcrowded building where everyone is trying to get to different places at once. It is understandable that the hallways are a dreadful place. Regardless, they have to be used- it is our reality. You can, however, do your best to get to class in a timely manner and not block the hallways, making them a little easier to navigate.