US Gas Prices reach all time high


Christiana Barlow, Reporter

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused gas prices all across America to increase. Gas prices are at their highest point this year with an average of $5 per gallon and a 75 cent increase in price. These prices are desperately hurting people in everyday life. 

During the pandemic, people were isolated in their homes, which made prices decline. As vaccines came out, isolation was not a factor for some people so they started driving and going out more. Then the invasion into Ukraine happened and it made prices spike. People (especially families) are expressing their frustration to the situation because of the cost of how much money it takes to drive to work, how much it takes to travel, and how much it takes to get their kids to school. People rely on cars or other forms of transportation everyday, so it makes it hard not to fill up with gas.

 Russia’s invasion into Ukraine has caused what is known as a global supply shock. As the attacks from Russia worsen, traders and shippers have rejected Russian oil, removing a large portion of it from daily global supply due to fear of conflict with western sanctions. Russia ranks as the third biggest producer of oil in the world, so by banning oil imports makes prices rise. President Biden announced last week that imports of oil, petroleum products, and natural gas have been banned in Russia. 

States that have higher fuel prices already have been affected the most. California and San Francisco have reached an average of $5.75 a gallon. Larger more populated states means higher prices in food, clothing, and especially gas. Unfortunately, smaller states are starting to catch up to similar gas prices as large states. This rise has affected not just America but the whole world.  Prices are more expensive than ever and continue to rise. This crisis has made the inflation rate be at its fastest than it has been in 30 years.  

Rising gas prices throughout the United States have caused teen drivers to be concerned about the possibility of not even being able to afford to drive. Many high school students do not have enough time during the school year to have a job, due to the length of the school day and the amount of work assigned daily. Gas prices have always been expensive but especially now the prices have reached an all time high that has made it hard for teenagers to pay for it. 

So, what will the future look like for gas prices? Unfortunately, as long as Russia is fighting against Ukraine gas prices could continue to rise.