Ace the ACT with these tips and tricks


Christiana Barlow, Reporter

As the ACT test approaches, it is important to know the best strategies to ace the test. There are many free resources online on the FCPS website for students. This includes practice tests, tutors, and just overall tips on taking the ACT. The ACT is one of the most important tests you will take, so it is essential to get a good score. 

Learning how to study is the most important part of test prep. Take each subject (math, english, science, and reading) and study them separately. While studying English, pay attention to the writing styles and passages used. For math read each question very carefully so you know the details of the problem. For Science, read the questions and figure out the important information found in the question. For all sections, choose and examine the best answer for the question. 

Going over all material available on practice tests or downloadable apps is a helpful resource. Taking practice tests will prepare you for similar questions that could be on the test. The ACT Academy is one of the top online resources to prepare you. You can either buy the book or go on their website to access free sample classes, study guides, and more. The book can be bought on Amazon either used or new. If you are looking for a little cheaper price, buying the used book may be a good idea. 

Similar to the ACT Academy, Learning Express run by Kentucky Virtual Library helps you study for the ACT giving you tips and practice tests to prepare. FCPS pays $10,000 for all students to have a free ACT prep program, so it is important to take advantage of it while you can. Learning express is easy to access, especially when on a school Chromebook. The website offers four different practice tests, each with three settings (simulation, practice, and learner) depending on how you want to study. 

Review the areas of subjects that you aren’t as strong in. Focus on your weakest subjects, then on your strongest subjects. After you feel confident enough try studying all the material together. If you are struggling and can’t focus, take a break and come back a few minutes later. Remember to try your best every time you study, and focus the best you possibly can. 

Lastly, plan a schedule of when you will study, how long you will study every day, and when the date of the test is. After school, spend about 20 mins a day on each subject. This will get you thinking and will help your brain retain the material you are studying. 

If you study hard and follow these tips and tricks you will be ready.