Boston and Falach recommend small business restaurants


Hand sketched SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS quote. Lettering

Bo Boston and Gloria Falach

Being new to Lexington, we came to the realization that our town is full of small local restaurants that many say are even better than popular food chains. With the Omicron variant, making it hard for businesses to survive, it is crucial local businesses are being supported. 

First on our list, the always reliable and inexpensive hometown staple: Suggins Bar and Grill. The second you walk into Suggins, you are hit by the friendly and welcoming small town atmosphere. Located on Romany Road, it makes a great option for takeout when you do not feel like taking off your pajamas. We recommend their creamy crunchy chicken caesar wrap.  

Josie’s, also located in Chevy Chase, was originally a breakfast place until they decided to expand their menu. If you are indecisive when it comes to picking a breakfast course we one hundred percent recommend going with pancakes. Josie’s restaurant proudly offers takeout options to their customers, as well. 

Bourbon n Toulouse, located on Euclid Avenue, is a very convenient spot. It is an original place considering there are not many cajun restaurants around Lexington. Their employees are welcoming and gladly offer take out. The restaurant radiates good vibes overall, and we highly recommend the gumbo. 

Out of the many Mexican restaurants in Lexington, Local Taco and El Cid stand out. Local Taco is a University of Kentucky student hotspot due to its close proximity to campus. For those who would prefer to stay in the comfort of their own homes, both Local Taco and El Cide offer quick and convenient takeout options. El Cid is very festive, during the winter time they put out little inflatable igloos for people to eat in. As for recommendations, we recommend their nachos supreme and buffalo quesadillas. 

For those with a sweet tooth, try Magee’s. Magee’s is a famous Lexington bakery, known for its warm, buttery, and always freshly baked pastries. They have a variety of seasonal menu pastries along with your everyday cravings, including pumpkin muffins and cake donuts. 

Sick of mainstream coffee houses and looking for a change in routine? Try Lexingtons very own Common Grounds. They are known for their creative drinks with equally creative names to go along with them. They have lots of different drinks on their menu that Starbucks hasn’t even thought of making yet. The best drinks for the best price are their Mocha Jo, Carmel Bianca, and the Frozen White Mocha.  

In a world where corporate chain businesses are rising to the top, it’s refreshing to see people supporting small businesses, and Lexington would not be the same without them.