HC family resource center welcomes new service facility


Sarah Hart, Reporter

Ciera Bowman, HC Youth Service Center Coordinator, is planning a new supply closet for Henry Clay High School, a project that will provide students and their families with the support that they need. 


“The supply closet will be out in the portables,” Bowman said. “It shouldn’t take more than a month.” 


The process has been productive, utilizing HC JROTC students to work on cleaning, building, and organizing for more space.


“We are going to get clothes, shoes, and anything that is perishable,” HC JROTC student Animesh Bhujeh said. “We will be moving out some things and organizing the area.” 


Items will be available to all students at Henry Clay who need essentials like nutrition of clothing. 


“If kids need coats, shirts, pants…[ the supply closet ] is going to be kind of like a shopping mall,” Bowman said. 


For this process to work smoothly, students can donate to this project. 


“If students have clothes in decent condition, hoodies, or even perfumes,” Bowman said. “I want to make it to where the average high school student is able to feel like a high school student without worrying about hygiene.”


The supply closet will also contain a washing machine and dryer, and a deep freezer to store more nutritious foods for families through Henry Clay. To donate, please see the information contacts for Ciera Bowman bellow :


Email : [email protected]


Text / Call: 859 – 813 – 5789