NTI day? Snow day? Who knows.


Cameron Ellis, Reporter

FCPS has decided to occasionaly replace snow days with NTI days. This is a way to reduce the amount of make-up days scheduled to be added on to the end of the year. As of Monday, February 7th, 2022 there have been seven snow days, four of which have been an NTI day and three that were regular snow days. On an NTI day, students are assigned work on Canvas, and are expected to submit their assignments as proof of their attendance. 

HC students are not required to attend scheduled zoom meetings unless it is assigned in an AP class. Office hours are made available for all students to meet with their teachers from 1:30-3:30pm, if they need assistance or have any questions. 

NTI days have taken the place of weather makeup days. This allows for the scheduled calendar to stay in place, and the last day of school to not get changed to later in the month of May. Although NTI days can replace snow days, there is not always an NTI day.  Factors like ice storms which cause power outages can lead to the decision to have a snow day. 

“I would rather have an NTI snow day because on a regular snow day I would be doing work as well, so it’s nice not having to make it up in the summer,” HC sophomore Nancy Chen said. 

School being extended into the summer can be dreadful to students and staff across Fayette County, but with the new NTI snow days, the schedule remains the same and class curriculum can stay on track.

On an NTI weather day, school buildings are closed and afternoon activities are canceled, but students participate in learning at home so it counts as a school day and does not need to be made up,” the FCPS NTI Weather Day page said.

With instructions attained from Canvas, directions for NTI days can be confusing. Assignments are posted on the Modules page in Canvas, but it is not always clear.

“The main problem is when teachers post assignments that we have not previously done in class, everything gets blurry and confusing,” Chen said. “I have to go back and search through the module or my notes. It reminds me of last year [during] NTI.”

With NTI days replacing snow days, instructions are crucial to students in order for them to complete their assignments. Even though some students condemn the idea of no longer having workless snow days, the FCPS scheduled calendar stays on track.