Biden’s notion to add a Black woman to the Supreme Court will allow marginalized communities to grow

Reece Ingram, Editor-in-Chief

Justice Stephen Breyer recently announced his retirement, leaving the perfect opportunity for President Biden to elect the first Black woman on the Supreme Court. Democrats currently hold the Senate majority and this opportunity is crucial for the Biden Administration. 

During his 2020 presidential campaign, Biden declared that he would nominate a Black woman onto the Supreme Court if he was given the opportunity. Dozens of Black women hold high positions in the federal courts, leaving Biden with many candidates with the desired constitutional characteristics. 

Federal Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is a possible selection on Biden’s list. With her decorated background consisting of ivy-league education of legal experience, Judge Jackson is more than qualified for the available position. Supreme Court Justice Leondra Kruger from California also has an excellent chance of being nominated due to her background as deputy solicitor general in both Republican and Democratic administrations. With both women being young, this leaves the ability to be on the prestigious court for decades. 

Adding a Black woman on the Supreme Court will increase the diversity of the bench. Extraordinary qualifications, experience, and integrity are the characteristics of the first Black woman to be on the Supreme Court. 

With the Supreme Court handling controversial topics like healthcare and firearms, adding a Democrat to the Supreme Court bench will allow for the continued maintenance of the liberal minority. Meaning, protecting human rights will be more honored than ever. The diversity of the Supreme Court will allow a flourishment of opportunity for marginalized communities. Generations to come will witness huge change causing inspiration.