HC offers a wide variety of elective choices


Caroline Costich, Editor

HC offers many diverse and intriguing electives that will appeal to many members of the HC community. Scheduling can be quite stressful, especially when you are torn on what electives to take. Luckily, there are plenty of exciting electives that can make your schedule for next year much more interesting. 

HC provides students with many opportunities when it comes to science electives. Astronomy offers students the chance to learn about the universe and the solar system. HC students can also take the Unmanned Aircraft Systems elective where they can learn how to build and pilot a drone. Another STEM-related elective is Robotics

There are also many unique electives for those interested in the creative arts. For example, HC has a Theater elective that allows people at all levels to learn and grow in the creative arts. There are also electives that are tailored toward Crafts, Painting, or Pottery where no experience is needed. This allows HC students to try new arts for the first time. For those that are more interested in cooking, HC offers a Culinary Arts elective. HC provides the opportunity for students to learn instruments as well. One of the most popular electives is Beginner Guitar.  

In the social studies, P.E, and English departments at HC there are plenty of electives that all students can enjoy. New this year is a Principles of Hospitality course. This introduces students to the tourism and hospitality industry. Criminal Justice is another unique elective that teaches students about the courts and justice system. Some of the most popular electives among students are Yoga and American Heroes in Film.

HC offers many opportunity-filled electives that can help students grow in subjects in which they excel. Students have plenty of electives that can help them find a new interest. All electives offered at HC can be found in the Program of Studies. Whether you are into science and engineering, theater, and culinary arts, HC has an elective that can brighten up your school day.