HC implements new changes for next semester

Evie Smith, Editor

Starting in January of 2022, HC will be modifying the daily routine that students have known since August. However, some implementations that came within this first semester will be sticking around. One such change occurring after the break is that the advisory period will shift from between second and third period to between third and fourth period.

HC Admin Jamie Allen felt it was best that the advisory switch was made after the first semester, rather than waiting for the school year to end or interrupting the current semester.

“We have a group of students who go to vocational school, and those students [had to be met with in order to] make up for advisory, to get them that information,” Allen said. “We realized that if we flipped advisory [from before third, to after] that those students could get their advisory.”

Not only will the advisory period change, but HC students will also be able to choose their seats in the cafeteria. However, the cafeteria is not becoming free-range. Fourth-period teachers will be given a section of seats, and students will be able to pick their spots within those assigned seats. 

“I believe that what we’re going to do is have it where students stay within their class, but they can choose the seating,” Allen said. “Right now we’ll play it by ear and just see if this [system] works better. I realize that [students] go to school all day, you have to [wear a mask] all day, and [when you have to] sit in assigned seats, you can’t sit with your friends. We wanted to make it more student-friendly, but still go by the [Covid] guidelines.”

To those students who often find themselves caught up in the tardy sweep, you will be reluctant to hear that the sweeps will continue after the break. 

“From a teacher and administrator perspective, [hallway sweeps] have made a big impact just clearing out the hallways and getting the students to class on time,” Allen said.

Recently, there have been rumors of relaxed Covid protocols. However, Allen clarifies that these are not true, especially since the case numbers have been on the incline. Covid protocols and safety measures will stay as they have, for the time being. 

“As far as we know, [the protocols] will stay the same. Seeing the uptick [in the number of cases], I don’t see [them] changing,” Allen said.

The hope is that these plans will be beneficial to students.