HC’s Neuroscience Day allows students to participate in a new experience


Reece Ingram, Editor-in-Chief

Women in STEM have provided educational experiences for many high school students across the state. Allowing students to get up close and personal with organs, they have opened many students’ minds to a possible academic career in neuroscience, psychology, or biochemistry. 

University of Kentucky  junior Ashley Craig and HC alum visited HC on October 14th to discuss her experience working in a neuroscience lab. Craig provided students with an educational experience that few have not  participated in before.

UK’s Women in Neuroscience Organization has provided the women in that club to get professional lab experience to prepare them for medical school and beyond.  Women in Neuroscience was sponsoring the experience students got to have. This gave students knowledge about the field and what Craig was currently doing her research and possible professions in neuroscience.

Craig ended the presentation by allowing students to participate in touching brains, a spinal cord, and a blood clot found in one of the specimens from the UK Medical Center Library. 

Craig hopes that the outreach will inspire students to pursue future careers in STEM.