HC’s Youth Service Center provides students with more services


FRYSC in 2021 | Now located in upstairs green hallway

Caroline Costich, Editor

Whether a student needs food, clothes, school supplies, or financial support, HC Youth Service Center can help provide them with what they need. 

“The main thing the Youth Service Center does is help overcome academic barriers,” Youth Service Center Coordinator Ciera Bowman said. “Whether that’s malnutrition, household needs, financial reasons, or really anything that affects students from attending school or achieving anything academically.” 

Bowman became the YSC coordinator in December of 2020 and since has strived to make HC students feel safe, included, and have what they need to succeed. 

“I am planning on having a hoodie and hygiene drive in December,” Bowman said.

For that event, the YSC is currently taking donations. Donations that would be helpful include hoodies, deodorant, soap, or other hygiene products. She also plans on doing college visits and other smaller things to help students be prepared for after graduation.

Even though Bowman has big plans, she has faced some challenges so far this year.

“I have had to figure out what kind of population I have with HC, because every high school is different,” Bowman said.“I have had to adjust to the needs of the students. More attention is needed and more guidance is needed than ever before.”

Bowman also emphasized that the YSC could always use volunteers. There are a variety of ways students could help, whether that is putting up flyers or helping her organize. Any help that the YSC can get helps Bowman achieve more for the HC community. 

While the YSC has clothes and food, Bowman wants the HC community to know that the YSC has more than just essentials.

“I wish people would know that if you want help with a career and need help with figuring out how to do that, that I am here to help you.”

Some other things that Bowman does here at HC here includes a girl’s mentoring group that meets every other Wednesday after-school. She also has a grief program to help students when they lose a loved one and food bags for students to just grab and go. She is always open to positive suggestions from students on how the YSC can better provide for the HC community.

Bowman explained that the biggest challenge, however, is inclusivity at HC. 

“I want all students to feel included,” Bowman said. “I feel like Henry Clay has so many different student bodies, and not everyone feels a part of the Henry Clay family.” 

She hopes that she can help change that and eventually make all students feel like they belong at HC. Bowman also wants to help provide students with opportunities that they would not otherwise have and help prepare students as much as possible. Bowman is hopeful that she can help students in any way that they need and that all students feel welcome in the YSC.

“I want to benefit every student in any way that I can and help as many students as possible in any way that I can.”

If students are curious about the YSC and would like to learn more, they can visit the HC YSC Facebook page @theHenryClayYouthServiceCenter, where upcoming events and other information is posted. If students have any questions they can also email Bowman at [email protected] or visit the YSC in room 129A in the upstairs blue hallway.