The condition of HC bathrooms is a people problem


Caroline Costich

HC boys’ bathroom out of order on September 19, 2021.

Evie Smith, Editor

The bathrooms at HC are sickening. People crowd in them and make it difficult for other students to use them for their proper purpose. The “devious licks” that transpire throughout the school add to the disfavor of the bathrooms. Bathrooms are meant to be used for one thing- keep it that way.

Boys’ bathrooms are being destroyed. Sinks have been ripped off the walls and soap dispensers stolen. Girls crowd inside and sit on the floor. Some will even eat their lunch off the floor instead of going to the cafeteria. All of these activities disrupt the students that are just trying to go to the bathroom.

The limited amount of soap dispensers adds to the heightened lack of hygiene. We are in a pandemic; people need to wash their hands. The sinks’ faucets are often broken in some manner– most of the time spewing water all over. There have been weird liquids and bugs in the sinks. Students will also try to clog the toilets, which prevents their proper use. When more stalls are out, it makes it even more difficult to use the bathroom quickly since so many people are already in there. The five minutes we have during class change is not enough time to wait in line to use the restroom. It becomes stressful trying to get to your next class on time. 

The stalls are often vandalized with obscene writing or drawings. Students will write things on the stalls or toilet paper dispensers, or in one particular circumstance, inside the toilet. Occasionally you will find positive comments, but more often than not, they are negative towards students or staff. 

Most of these issues are not the schools doing, but students destroying the bathrooms. Custodians are not the ones at fault. Students need to learn to respect the property, since they are the ones using it, or the privilege could be taken away. Public restrooms are never the most enjoyable location, but when students make them disgusting, they lose even more of their already minuscule appeal.