Wrapping up August 2021 SBDM meeting

Evie Smith, Editor

The August 18th, 2021 SBDM meeting began with the adoption of the minutes from the meeting prior. HC Principal Paul Little shared a good news report and asked others to share their good news too. Then, Ms. Howard discussed that she submitted several departments’ ESS requests for approval. 


The meeting followed with Principal Paul Little discussing hiring positions. There are two special education positions, a PASS, an LBD, math, and an English still open. A paraeducator has been recommended and they are waiting on Central Office for an official offer. 


Day 4 numbers are relied on for any new staffing. English teacher Jessica Andrews asked about Day 4 numbers, and downtown had not yet shared them. However, Principal Little was able to share these class size statistics given to him via Ms. Wesley-Porter: PE: 32/class, math: 27/class, English: 26/class, and science: 26/class. 


The 9th-grade task force report was rescheduled for the next SBDM meeting.


SBDM policy updates followed. This stated that all committees are to be reminded to share their draft proposals ahead of time, in order for the community to share their thoughts/feelings with the committee and SBDM council. 


HC Principal Paul Little was granted permission to be able to complete $5000 or fewer intra-budget transfers. This means he will be able to transfer money without committee approval as long as it is $5000 or less.


There were no public comments and the meeting was adjourned.